Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gallery Wall and Gathering Area Inspired by Faux Deer Head

I finally took pictures of the completed gallery wall and gathering area in our bonus room! It has a few Fall touches that I am a little sad to see go, but I had to get pictures before I change the pumpkins out for trees. 

This is  how sad the wall looked before. Esh! This three piece cabinet was left by the previous home owners, and I thought it might work in the bonus room of the house. Also known as, "The Girls' Room" because it is where we crate our two dogs when not home. Dezzi is a sweet, loyal lab/border collie mix, and Emma is a young, hyper golden retriever. Anyways, I added and stained the wood to top off the cabinet. (I might do a post on the process later). When I began the gallery wall, I used paint tape and kraft paper to decide where I wanted everything. (Again I probably post the details later).

Warning: this consists of a lot of liquid gold gilding and fabfinds. The day I was planning out exactly what I wanted for the wall, I walked into T.J. Maxx and found the striped candle sticks, frames, and faux deer head.

Shelf and brackets (liquid gold gilded) from target.
I found this perfect white faux deer head (antlers liquid gold gilded) at T.J.Maxx.
Old candles spray painted gold
Artichokes from a local home decor store
Gorgeous EmilieMarianDesigns  "Be Still" print  
I'm obsessed with this print by Luciana.  It translates to; "No, I regret nothing"

I DIYed this gold sequin letter (see post below).

 Gold metal tray purchased at World Market $30
The glass cloche was found on clearance at Pottery Barn
Gold candles were white candles spray painted gold.
I already owned the Audrey Hepburn books (love her)

White matted frames were found at T.J.Maxx (I gold gilded only the front of two of them).
The bamboo lamp was refurbished using white spray paint and pretty fabric.
Pumpkins and owl found at Hobby Lobby and were gold gilded in a previous post. 
Little bird from Target was spray painted gold. 
Jewelry organizers found at Target.
Gold striped candlesticks also from T.J.Maxx.

I LOVE how this area turned out! I can't wait to use it to entertain. Now I just need an excuse to have friends over! 

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  1. Again, thank you so much for the mention. The wall looks great! Love it!